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Can You Teach a Bad Dog New Tricks?

On Sunday,

the Parade magazine will  show up in 32 million homes. 

The article covers the journy of the dogs from Mike Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels and the success, and the struggles of the dogs as they have gone through rehabilitation. Some have had great success — getting Canine Good Citizen Certifications, becoming therapy dogs, living in homes with other dogs and with children. Some still struggle.

But what they are proving is what most bahaviorists have known all along — that dogs are individuals.

Some are better than others, but overall these are happy dogs, says Dr. Frank McMillan, director of well-being studies at Best Friends (which took in the 22 toughest cases). ”At the same time, it’s hard to make blanket statements. The results are very individual to each dog.”

Bad Dog ?

Bad Dog ?

A new leash on life: Jonny at home in San Francisco. [Photo by Amado Garcia]



The little black-and-white dog knocked into furniture and hid things in his crate. He couldn’t go up or down stairs, didn’t know how to climb onto a couch. Flushing toilets and clanging pots sent him running from the room. He wasn’t a bad dog—he simply didn’t know any better; he’d never lived in a house. His lack of social grace earned him the name Jonny Rotten. “He was a caveman,” says Cris Cohen, a Burlingame, Calif., car-dealership manager who provided Jonny with a foster home. “He had no manners.”

That was understandable. Jonny was one of 51 pit bulls seized in April 2007 from Bad Newz Kennels, the Smithfield, Va., dogfighting ring run by Michael Vick, then quarterback of the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons. Although too young to have been a fighter, Jonny probably had his mettle tested a few times, and like most of the other Bad Newz dogs, he’d spent his entire life either locked up in a pen or chained to a rotating axle in the woods, with little or no positive interaction with people or other dogs.

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