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The Calgary Model.
Bill Bruce, Director of Calgary Animal and Bylaw Services attacks the problem head-on.

-You, as a pet owner are 100 percent responsible.

-We don’t punish breeds, we punish behavior. The bottom line is, we believe all dogs are capable of biting.

Calgary, when it comes to animal control, is the envy of the continent.
-Calgary Sun

In North America we do not have a problem with pet overpopulation, stray animals, nuisance or vicious animals – we have a problem with responsible pet ownership. Virtually every animal that ends up in a shelter or on the street is there because a human relationship failed them…It’s always the animal that pays in the end.

Bill BruceBill Bruce, Director of Calgary Animal and Bylaw Services attacks the problem head-on with a three-pronged approach to responsible pet ownership, incorporating licensing, public education and enforcement, with supporting agencies all working together to achieve the same goals.

As long as owners license their pets, have them spayed or neutered, take proper care of them and ensure they don’t show signs of aggression, such as charging or excessive barking, they won’t have to deal with Bill.

His mission is ”To encourage a safe, healthy, vibrant community for people and pets through the development, education…

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American Staffordshire Terrier – SUPER DOG – All Secrets of Training of TreT!


Så här tar du bilderna, följ bara exemplen här bredvid. Försök att hålla samma höjd när du går runt din hund – 2 profiler, 2 halvprofiler, 2 rakt framifrån (en på samma avstånd som de andra samt en närbild på nosen), och 1 bild uppifrån. Avstånd ca 1 meter. Det är bra om du har en neutral bakgrund så att man ser hundens konturer så bra som möjligt. Undvik starkt solsken (för starka skuggor). Det kanske är bra om ni är två, om hundens uppmärksamhet är på dig, sittande, och en annan som tar bilder. Kanske du känner någon som är duktig med kameran? Har du tillgång till en fotograf så är det ju ingen nackdel, eller kom till ateljén här i Visby så tar vi bilder & skannar i 3D utan extra kostnad.

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Shot twice in the head and then buried alive

Shot twice in the head and then buried alive: Phoebe, the dog who cheated death twice



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”…but whos the animal ?” Peace for Dogs

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Show Them To Me

Oh it seems to me this whole world’s gone crazy
There’s too much hate and killin goin on
But when I see the bare chest of a woman
My worrys and my problems are all gone
No one thinks of fightin, when they see a topless girl
Baby if you would show yours too, we could save the world

Show them to me, show them to me
Unclasp your bra and set those puppies free
They’d look a whole lot better without that sweater baby I’m sure you’ll agree
If you got, two fun bags,
Show them to me

I don’t care if they don’t match or ones bigger than the other
You could show me one, and I’ll imagine the other
Even if you’re really old, theres nothing wrong
Don’t be sad your boobs ain’t bad, they’re just a little long

Show them to me, show them to me
Lift up your shirt and let the whole world see
Just disrobe, show your globes and a happy man I’ll be
If you got, dos chichi’s,
Show them to me

I’ve met a lot of them, but never one I’ve hated
Even if you’ve had thirteen kids and you think they look deflated
Theres no such thing as a bad breast, I believe this much is true
If you’re a big fat man I’m a titty fan and I’d love to see yours toooo

Show them to me, show them to me
Just like the girls gone wild on T.V.
Just lean back and show your rack and I’ll be in ecstasy
If you got two casabas
Show them to me

All the world will live in harmony
It’ll do you good, it’ll give me wood, we’ll make history
If you love your country, I’m gonna say it one more time,
I said if you love your country yea
Then stand your ass up and show them big old titties to me

You can find this song on Rodney Carringtons CD 2007 ”Show Them to Me” King of the Mountains

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