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And Man Created Dog – a National Geographic presentation

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Kina nekar oberoende tester av hund-tugg

Kinesiska myndigheter tillåter inte inspektörer från FDA i USA att samla in prover för att göra oberoende tester av råvaror till de kinesiska hundtugg, som har dödat hundratals hundar och skadat över 2000 hundar.Kineserna tillåter bara prov på det som de själva valt ut och testerna ska göras av kineserna själva.Ur artikeln:”Chinese government officials in charge of five plants that manufacture pet treats for Nestle Purina have refused to allow U.S. inspectors to collect samples for independent analysis, according to a recent report posted on

Federal Food and Drug Administration investigators visited China in April to obtain samples they hoped would allow them to uncover the cause of more than 2,000 reported cases of illnesses and death of pets in the U.S. related to consumption of Chinese manufactured jerky treats.

Chinese officials stipulated that investigators with the U.S. FDA could collect samples only if they agreed to specific conditions, and the samples could only be tested in Chinese-run laboratories. Inspections were pre-arranged and supervised by officials from China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision.”

Läs mer i facebookgruppen Animal Parents Against Pet food Made in China (över 6000 medlemmar)

Här en video som publicerats i kanadensisk press:

”The following video recently broadcast by the Canadian CBC news magazine, Marketplace, is a documentary exposing the dangers of Chinese-made chicken jerky dog treats.”

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